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New Training Links

Crowd Manager: http://public.eopsselearning.com/login/index.php  

*You will need to register a username and password on this site prior to completing the crowd manager program.

Blasting Detail PowerPoint: http://www.mass.gov/eopss/agencies/dfs/dfs2/osfm/fire-prev/fire-prevention-training.html

paging system link for department employees --> Town of Oxford Portable / Pager Service

  • MOLST is a way for seriously ill or injured patients to express wishes about life-sustaining treatments. Completing a MOLST form is one possible result of an advance care planning process involving patients, their doctors and loved ones. Read more about MOLST


  • Required Training: All department members are required to be certified in the National Incident Management System. Click on the following link and follow the on screen directions to complete the online course.
  • NIMS 700 Homepage 
  • NIMS 100 Homepage
  • NIMS 200 Homepage
  • Hybrid Automobile Training. (Or Download presentation by "right clicking" here, then Save Target As...)
  • Link for AHA Changes
First Monday: Department meeting/Classroom
Second Monday: Officer's Meeting
Third Monday: Fire/Rescue Practical Training
Fourth Monday: Medical Training

All department members are required to attend all training. As all members of the department are being cross trained to perform many different functions, the training sessions are no longer called Fire or EMT training, but rather fire topic or medical topic training for all personnel. The fourth training session will be held on a company level. Members of an engine, or truck company will meet regularly to supplement normal training. This will be scheduled at least once monthly.

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Revised: January 04, 2014